Skin Tightening
Skin Tightening
September 16, 2014
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L.A Peels


Want to peel back the years? The LA Peel is suitable for all skin types and treatment areas can include the face, neck, hands and déolletage.
So what does the LA peel actually do?
It brightens and rejuvenates the skin, improves the appearance of fine to moderate lines & wrinkles, smoothes and rejuvenates sun-damaged skin and can also improve the appearance of actinic/scar damage
Prior to the LA peel you will need to use the four part Theraderm Skin Renewal System products as these are used to pre-condition the skin in readiness for the LA Peel to achieve optimum results.
The Theraderm System can be used as a life-long skin health maintenance programme and continued use of the system will also help to maintain the results achieved with LA Peels.
The four products are easy to use on as a daily regime, they work in harmony restoring even skin tones and reducing fine lines. This peel means little down-time which our Aesthetic Medical Practitioners will be happy to discuss with you during your consultation.