Pain Free Hair Removal

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August 3, 2015
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Pain Free Hair Removal

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Picture 051The life FLO technology on our IPL machine redefines the way that IPL hair removal treatment is carried out. It’s now possible to deliver an entire treatment just by skimming the handset across the surface of the treatment area.

In addition to quick session times life FLO technology promises faster results and less harm to surrounding skin tissue. The treatment is much gentler than standard ‘stop start’ hair removal, but delivers the light-energy ­ many times to repeatedly push up the temperature of the unwanted hair follicle but leaves the skin tissue relatively cool.

This means your treatment is safer, as there is less chance of skin damage through excess heat, but also the treatment is pretty much sensation free too.


We have certified operators for fast pain free hair removal treatments, say goodbye to shaving and waxing speak to a specialist today for a free consultation.


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